We manufacture all  types of hub and clamps as per the client requirements. A hub and clamp connector is an alternate method to traditional ASME B16.5 pipe flanges of connecting pipe spool joints to each other or other equipment. This metal-to-metal sealed connector is reliable and easy-to-assemble.

Design & Construction

Welding of Components
In standard equipment, the hubs are welded to the pipe with a seal installed. Bolts are used to tighten the clamps. This provides superior strength and prevents leaks.

Placement of Bolts & Seal Ring
The bolts are placed perpendicularly to the axis of the pipe, which prevents them from receiving direct pressure loads and helps to avoid bending. The seal ring in the equipment resembles the shape of a ‘T’ in cross-section and is used to seal the connector.

The design of the connector helps to:

  • Provide higher strength at a fraction of the seal size and weight
  • Withstand higher tensile loads
  • Reduce bolting torque
  • Allow proper seating of the seal