Plug Valve 

The products are produced the specification level Plug valve products for PLS3, performance levels for PR2, which can be of similar products with SPM’s interchangeable equipment widely used in cementing and fracturing equipment.1.High pressure plug valve is a very important fitting for cementing, well cementing and crushing and is also applicable to control other high pressure fluid. Plug valve is combined by valve body, seal arcing segment, plug cock, etc.

2.The low torque and high pressure plug valve designed and manufactured by our company are all made by high quality and high strength structural alloy steel. Strict heat treatment ensures even metallographic structure and loading capacity.

The materials completely conform to USA ASTM and AISI standards and products technical index fully matches with API Spec 6A standard. Product joints can be connected by joint thread, pipeline thread, butt welding or non-pressure sealing end;

3.There buckle models are provided for the terminal of plug valve: union plug valve, LP female connection and LP external thread. In according to users’ needs, we can design the high pressure plug valve with a base;

4.High pressure plug valve has different specifications: 1’’, 2’’, 3’’ and different cold working pressures: 42Mpa(6000Psi)、70Mpa(10000Psi)、105Mpa(15000Psi). Plug valve and maintenance package used under normal temperature, low temperature and sulfurous gas environment are available.

Design Features
Plug valve from the valve body, cocks, seals and other parts arc pieces (see the specific one). Its working principle is: By adjusting the position of the tap handwheel for control flow size. Between the body and cock, sealed arc chip seal, seal arc due to the high precision sheet, and using a special grinding process to ensure that products in the high-pressure working conditions are not leaking.

1.Stable pressure-bearing: equipped with changeable elastic nitrile rubber sealing ring, firm wall thickness; it is able to bear pressure under high pressure line;

2.Convenient to exchange: union joints on both ends and can be exchanged with LP, UN internationally due to inch size is applied;

3.Simple maintenance: it is unnecessary to dissemble from pipeline to maintain or repair plug valve, and no need to use special tools in case of disassembling;

4.Good sealing and preservation: the plug cock is fine finished by special coating technology;

5.Visible valve position: the symbols of fully open and close of valve are clearly marked on the plug cock cap. The tripping spring restricts valve in proper positions.


During well testing and flow back operations, the data header is used to connect the instruments and sensors for data acquisition, and the collection of fluid/gas samples

Data header is located directly upstream of the choke manifold and downstream of the surface safety valve (SSV) and provides access to the flow stream for pressure and temperature

Size : 2”,3”,4”

Working pressure – 5k, 10k, 15k

Length- Up to 4 ft Integral