Forged High Pressure Pipe Fittings

  • ADFO manufacturer High pressure pipe fittings as per
  • Specification: ASME B16.11, MSS-SP AND BS, ANSI/ASME

Product Range Includes:

  • Elbow, Tee , Cross , Coupling, Half Coupling, Cap, Plug, Bushing, Union, Hex,
  • Nipple, Bull Plug, Street Elbow, Boss, Reducer Insert & Outlet etc


  • Threaded , Socket-Weld, Butt-Weld

Pressure Rating:

  • Threaded End 2000/3000/6000 LBS
  • Socket-Weld End- 3000/6000/9000 LBS
  • Butt-weld End- SCH 40/80/160/XXS
  • Manufacture in carbon and Alloy Steel with full material traceability